John Walter’s Sassamatt Division

The Prototype

  • Prototypical/Freelanced: freelanced
  • Prototype: Canadian National
  • Location: CN at Lytton to the BCR at Lillooet
  • Era: 1979

The Layout

  • Location: North Vancouver
  • Scale: N
  • Size: room size 12’ x 21’
  • Control: DC cab control
  • Yards: large yard at Sassamat; way freight switching Dyyston, Moberly
  • Scenery complete: 100%
  • Carspots: 113
  • Motive power: EMD, Alco
  • Turnouts: all powered control
  • Uncoupling: permanent and electro magnets and picks


  • Clock Speed: none
  • Session Length: 2-3 hours
  • Crew Size: 4
  • Dispatching: train schedule with extras
  • Jobs: due to tight aisle ways crews / operators sit at designated towns and forward trains to adjacent operators
  • Train lengths: 20-40 cars


John has a new layout under construction in the same house; operators will have an opportunity to tour the new space and construction.