Doug Hicks’s BCR Squamish Sub

The British Columbia Railway – Squamish Subdivision is modelled from prototype railway practices and geography during the late 70’s. Inspiration for the 3 level bench work design came from MR’s guide to Shelf Layouts by Lain Rice. Several signature scenes have been recreated that offer a resemblance to the prototype railway. The layout has 8 bridges, 2 tunnels, and is constructed on 3 levels of shelf style bench work. However a lot of compression meant much was omitted, like most other model railways. Hand-laid track and staging at both ends of the layout facilitate operations. There are plenty of LED’s incorporated into the layout which provide switch position indication, and scenery lighting for possible night time operations.

The Prototype

  • Prototypical/Freelanced: Prototype
  • Prototype: British Columbia Railway
  • Location: British Columbia – North Van to Lillooet
  • Era: 1979
  • Interchange: CN – Lynn Creek

The Layout

  • Location: Burnaby
  • Scale: HO
  • Size: 15 feet x 14 feet
  • Control: Digitrax DCC
  • Accessibility: Basement stairs via Basement door
  • Scenery complete: 75%


  • Clock Speed: 5:1
  • Session Length: 3 hours
  • Crew Size: 5
  • Dispatching: Timetable and Train Order
  • Car Forwarding: Car Cards & Waybills
  • Communication: Cordless phones
  • Jobs: Dispatcher, 2 Train crews, 2 Yard crews